Pakistan condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

Pakistan has strongly condemned Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia targeting innocent civilians.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement, has strongly condemned attacks on Saudi Arabia and its civilian population by Yemen based Houthi rebels using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and missiles.

“Pakistan strongly condemns missile and UAV attacks towards Saudi Arabia aiming to target civilians and civilian objects. The successful interception of the ballistic missiles and bomb-laden unmanned aerial vehicles by the Joint Coalition Forces prevented loss of innocent lives and is commendable,” read the press-release issued by the Foreign Office.

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Furthermore, Pakistan also reiterated its complete and unconditional support for the preservations of the national territorial integrity and safety of the Saudi Arabia.

Prior to this, Houthi rebels had launched multiple drone and missile attacks targeting  Riyadh, Najran and Jazan on June 24 last month. The missiles and drones however, were successfully intercepted and neutralized by Saudi missile defense systems and no loss of lives, property was reported.