People pledge US$ 321,000 for a perfume that ‘smells like space’

More than 7,500 people have reportedly pledged US$ 321,000 for the launch of ‘Eau de Space’ – a perfume that ‘smells like space’ according to the campaign officials.

According to the officials, campaigning for the fund raising for the product to be launched, the perfume ‘that smells like space’ was in fact developed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) many years ago for its astronaut training program aimed at familiarizing astronauts to the space environment.

The fund raising campaign’s original goal in the beginning was set at US$ 1,969 on June 19 – a target which was achieved within less than 24 hours.

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Meanwhile, a four-ounce bottle of Eau de Space is currently being sold at US$ 29, and for every U$29 that are pledged to the campaign a bottle will be donated to local K-12 STEM program, said the campaign officials.

Astronauts over the years have given various different description of the odor they had experience in space NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson described it as ‘smoky and a little harsh, bitter-smelling’ whereas former astronaut Chris Hadfield described it as ‘sort of like brimstone’.