PIA pays Rs 1 million each to 82 victims’ families

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has provided Rs 1 million each to the 82 victims’ families of PK-8303 crash as part of its financial compensation policy.

According to PIA officials, families of the 82 victims of the May 22 crash have been given Rs 1 million each, whereas the injured have been given Rs 500,000 each as per the rules and regulations of its financial compensation policy.

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Prior to this, federal government had announced to compensate victims’ families as well as those whose property were damaged as the PIA Airbus A-320 crashed in the Model Colony residential area near Jinnah Airport.

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Federal government has also stated that it will bear the expenses of the rebuilding and repair of more than a dozen houses that were severely damaged in May 22 crash that killed 97 people on board with an additional casualty on the ground as well.