PM issues directives to bring sugar price down

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered an inquiry into the sugar scam under government’s accountability watchdogs, reiterating that anyone involved in the scam would be taken to task – irrespective of their political affiliations, and issued directives to bring down the sugar price.

Chairing a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the Prime Minister issued these directives.

The prime minister had already approved a massive investigation through accountability organisations against the sugar mafia allegedly involved in a multi-billion rupee scam for the past 25 years.

The National Accounta­bility Bureau (NAB), Fed­eral Investigation Agency (FIA), Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) will investigate allegations like creating artificial shortage, profiteering, tax evasion and receiving undue export subsidies against sugar barons.

Cabinet approved the investigation against the sugar industry as the prime minister stuck to his position that action should be taken against everyone involved in the scam irrespective of their status and political affiliation.