Sheikh Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Manea delivers Hajj 2020 sermon

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Manea on Thursday, delivered Hajj 2020 sermon from Nimra mosque urging Muslims to adhere to Islamic principles which encourage peace, harmony and fraternity among Muslim Ummah.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Manea – a member of the Council of Senior Scholars and Adviser at the Royal Court, urged Muslims to adopt piety and adhere to Islamic teachings and principles, terming it as the only way to redemption.

He highlighted the significance of peace and harmony, stating that Prophet (S.A.W) declared Muslim Ummah as one and hence Muslims around the globe must practice principles of Muslim fraternity and brotherhood and their behavior must reflect compassion and affection for one another.

Stressing upon the need for tolerance towards other religions, Sheikh Abdullah said that Islam has prohibited subjugation and violence targeted towards other religions.

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“Islam forbids any excess against any Muslim or non-Muslim. We must fully comply the teachings of Sharia,” he noted.

The pilgrims, after hearing the Hajj sermon offered Zuhr and Asr prayers and will stay in Arafat till Maghrib after which they will leave for Muzdalifah where they will offer Maghrib and Isha prayers and will spent the rest of the night under open sky and will leave for Mina the next morning.