Sindh government to launch GoSTV ‘to counter all propaganda’

Sindh government is set to launch GoSTV (Government of Sindh Television) to ‘counter all propaganda’ says Nasir Hussain Shah.

Sindh Minister for Local Government – Nasir Hussain Shah on Tuesday,  took to social media to announce that Sindh government will soon be launching  GoSTV.

“Coming soon… to broadcast live coverage from the streets to counter all propaganda,” he tweeted.

The development comes as Sindh government has been facing severe criticism for its unsatisfactory performance after Karachi witnessed severe urban flooding across the city.

Residents were left without electricity for multiple days, whereas several residential areas including DHA have been left inundated in wasit-high rain water due to poor and ineffective drainage system and infrastructre.

However, Sindh government officials have denied allegations accusing it of incompetence and complete faiure.

The provincial government has continuously contented that the flooding occurred due to unprecedented heavy rain fall and that government machinery and resources have been duly allocated to address the situation.