Sindh govt urges people to remain at home

KARACHI: Sindh health department has made advisories and urged the citizens to remain at home and avoid public gatherings and social places. Yesterday, the cases of COVID-19 increased to 28 that result in establishment of advisory.

The advisory presented few key points in which the committee asked the readers and citizens not go at weddings, strikes, rallies, ijtima and processions. The committee asked people who are more than 40 years f age to isolate remain at home.

They mentioned in the key points that people who traveled recently should quarantine or isolate themselves for 14 to 15 days. Besides, it is mentioned by advisory that people should not go out if they have cold, flu, body aches or fever. Besides, they are requested not to smoke and touch their faces. The advisory said that people should stand at a distance three meters from each other.