Story of Pakistan, a documentary series by ISPR

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), has released a short documentary under the title ‘Story of Pakistan’ on the occasion of the upcoming 73rd Independence Day on August 14th.

Preparations are at full swing as Pakistan will mark its 73rd Independence Day on August 14 this week.

In wake of the historic day, ISPR – Pakistan Army’s media wing, has released a short documentary by the title of ‘Story of Pakistan’ to commemorate 73rd Independence Day.

The documentary is spanned over 10 short episodes and is narrated by widely acclaimed Pakistan actor and a veteran of film industry Shaan Shahid.

So far three episodes have been released with the title ‘the beginning’, ‘rise from the ashes’ and ‘back stabbing’.

The series highlights the phases Pakistan has gone through, from beginning of the very concept of an Islamic welfare state, followed by Pakistan movement, its inception and so on.

Full access to the short documentary can be availed at ISPR’s offical YouTube Channel.