Supreme Court overturns SHC stay order, allows government to take action against sugar mill owners

The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, on Tuesday, overturned Sindh High Court (SHC) stay order that barred the federal government from investigating sugar mills in the country.

The three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed has overturned the stay order issued by SHC, effectively allowing the federal government to investigate and take action against sugar mills in the country.

During the hearing pertaining to the federal government’s petition against SHC stay order, the top court remarked that Sindh and Islamabad High Courts should rule on the sugar inquiry commission in the next three weeks.

Meanwhile, the court allowed the federal government to investigate sugar mills, but not to take any unnecessary action against them.

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The development comes as earlier, SHC on June 23, had issued a stay order against the sugar inquiry commission report, barring the federal government from taking any action against sugar mill and their owners.

It is to be noted that Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) had rejected the sugar inquiry commission report that had accused sugar mill owners tax evasions, illegal subsidies and price hikes.

The sugar mills union had contended that he commission ignored the recommendations made by sugar mills representatives and it fundamentally lacked the expertise and knowledge to investigate the matter altogether as it failed in considering the factors of demand and supply with respect to sugar prices.