Syria enforces lockdown after first COVID-19 case surfaces

Damascus: Lockdown has been enforced in Syria after the first case of the pandemic coronavirus is reported today in the war-torn state.

According to the Health officials, the 20 year old lady traveled from another state to her homeland and got tested positive.

Nizar Yaziji, health minister of Syria, has ensured that necessity measures will be taken to halt the spread of the virus.

The restaurants, public transportation and cafes have been closed down since the first case is reported. Meanwhile, there are huge queues outside banks and grocery to get money and food to prepare for the lockdown.

Hamidiyeh souk, hub of markets, got deserted as soon as the announcement about lockdown was made.

Besides this, the authorities announced to close borders with Lebanon and Jordan, whereas the flights of Damascus International Airport have also been suspended after the landing of the last flight from Moscow.

Moreover, the officials have also announced to suspend publication of daily newspapers.