UAE seeks verification of Pakistani pilots after ‘fake licenses’ scam

The United Arab Emirates authorities seek verification of credentials of Pakistani pilots and officials working in UAE citing ‘fake licenses’ scam.

The UAE Civil Aviation Authority has approached Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority DG Hassan Nasir Jamy and provided the latter with the list of Pakistani pilots and officials working in UAE seeking the verification and authentication of their credentials and documents.

UAE officials have citied that European Common Aviation Area’s (ECAA)  demand for the verification of the pilots’ credentials as they operate various Emirati airlines in European airspace.

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The development comes as earlier, EASA had imposed a six-month ban on PIA from operating in Europe citing safety concerns over the issue of dubious credentials scam that has jolted Pakistani aviation industry after Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan revealed that around 262 pilots out of total 860 in the country have fake degrees and licenses.

Prior to this, Vietnam had also grounded 27 Pakistani pilots working for various local Vietnamese airlines over the issue of suspected fake credentials and licenses.