COVID-19: 10 million female students will be out from education

Around the globe, corona virus has been destroyed the astrology of life and educational priorities, intensely. Thousands of students are facing the several issues regarding to virtual studies.

 In Pakistan, there isn’t proper internet excess to the people of villages and several cities – therefore students are facing the loss of studies, from the very start of covid-19. Several teachers have get retired. Female students in Baluchistan are also facing the drastic problems in online education system, due to poor internet – and due to living in a society full of strange taboos, and gender discrimination, they can’t even have sat foot outside of their homes, to find a secure internet system. There should be a strict action taken for the resolve of these issues, tolerate by youth.

Partab Shivani (CEO) of Thar educational alliance (TEA) has stated his concern regarding the major issue. After the outbreak of this novel virus covid-19 – 10 million female students will be out of schools around the world, in which a large number will be affected. The world is moving digitally and tasks are get done through several digital tactics and tools. The globally educational system has set up educational tools to make students educate and learn things in this pandemic – talked to educational volunteers in an educational session conducted in Thar, Pratab Shivani highlighted the important points.

Why a larger number of girls has been affected and a bigger number of 10 million would face issues due to this pandemic in upcoming days?

Due to lack of educational resources, accessible internet and proper ambience female students are suffering their education so badly. In several households, parents are not educated or capable enough to upskill their child through home schooling. Where everyone is working from home, and the rays of life are going on – why would students sacrifice their careers and education? It’s the major responsibility of parents to teach their child’s at home, before they suffer more of this routine. When malls, markets, offices, and every system of human interaction has been opened and things are progressing (with precautions) – educational institutes should also be unfastened lately, with the list of all the major (SOP’s). The people who are roaming around are showing how much educated and concerned they are towards the environment of pandemic.

He also stated that the world has investing over STEM education system, meanwhile the Pakistan has given cut to the budget – they didn’t even raise it.

Budget is the most consequential concern, talking it louder in the assembly won’t ease the problems but the need of proper execution of them. Even though if the schools are not opening for a much longer time, there should be strict steps taken to avoid the spread of virus around the globe – by the avoid of human interaction and staying home to ease the locality.

Sindh government should take an initiative to open the schools, to keep away from more educational damage.

Speaking on the juncture, education volunteers Imtiaz Noor, Nandalal Sharma, Sarang Ram, Ali Murad Dars said that the employment of thousands of families in Thar, has been effected. However, there will be an economic crisis all over the small states of Pakistan and severe impact on the education system.