HFH, Awaz e Bezubaan resolute to work for animal welfare in Pakistan

An esteemed group of young and motivated individuals from a social welfare organization named, ‘Hands for Help’ (HFH) paid a visit to Iqra University’s old campus premises where they were scheduled to meet the team involved in raising awareness, providing shelter, food and medical aid to helpless stray animals.

Awaz-e-Bezuban, found in 2019 is a non-profit organization concerned with the health and psychological wellness of animals met the visitors with great enthusiasm and welcomed them to their office, situated on campus grounds.

Chairman Hands for Help, Maaz Shafiq met President Awaz e Bezubaan, Sidra Qamar and ensured her of his organizations full support for their noble cause.

A group activity planned by the individuals working for both organizations was held on the campus premises where they painted various art pieces depicting social messages meant to stop animal cruelty and promote a more humane and empathetic value system in human beings when dealing with animals.

Talking exclusively to Voice of Sindh on the occasion, founder and chairman HFH, Maaz Shafique said that him and his organization were diligently working towards eliminating poverty and social exclusion by facilitating people from impoverished and marginalized communities.

Shafique added that the primary reason for him and his team’s visit today was to seek inspiration from the great work being done by the team of ‘Awaz e Bezubaan’ and possibly follow their footsteps by opening up their own animal shelter and dedicating time and money to this cause.

Shafique also visited the offices of Voice of Sindh (VOS), also situated in the same premises and held a meeting with Project-Director VOS, Dr. Umair Haroon.

Dr. Umair Haroon lauded the efforts of HFH and acknowledged the positive role they were playing in society through their welfare activities, Dr. Umair also assured complete support to the organization and promised to champion their cause for the greater good.