PIA sacks 74 employees over fake credentials, bribes issue

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has sacked 74 of its employees over fake credentials and bribes issue.

According to details, the national carrier has terminated 74 if its employees found guilty of possessing fake credentials and being involved in taking bribes.

Out of the 74 employees, 27 of the sacked employees were found guilty of possessing forged, bogus degrees and credentials.

Meanwhile, 31 employees have been fired over the issue of uninformed, unexplained prolonged leaves.

Four employees have been sacked for damaging airline property, whereas six employees have been fired for taking bribes and theft.

Two PIA employees have also been sacked for disclosing and leaking official confidential information.

Furthermore, 25 employees have been demoted, given warning notices with their salary increments suspended for incompetency, negligence and failure to fulfil instructions.

However, the airline has also awarded 22 of its employees via monetary stipends/benefits for exceptional performance and work ethics.

It is pertinent to know that the national carrier has been facing severe criticism after PK-8303 crash which revealed several of its employees including pilots, of having dubious and forged credentials.

The airline since then, has initiated strict scrutiny of its employees with several of them being sacked over fake credentials.