Hajj2020: Saudi Authorities impose strict penalties for violating government restrictions and SOPs

Saudi Arab has announced to impose strict penalties and punishments against those found guilty of facilitating and abetting Hajj pilgrims in violating Hajj 2020 SOPs and restrictions introduced by the Saudi government.

According to details, anyone found guilty of aiding, abetting and transporting Hajj pilgrims illegally into Mecca city will be fined up to 50,000 Saudi Riyals (SR), along imprisonment of up to six-months.

The fine and imprisonment sentences will be accompanied by blacklisted and deported, and will not be allowed to enter the country for extended time period, said the notification issued by Saudi government.

Furthermore, Commander of Hajj Security Forces has warned that a fine of SR 10,000 will be imposed on people found guilty of attempting access to Holy Sites illegally along with a 15-day imprisonment sentence.

General Khalid Bin Fahad – head of Saudi transportation department, has stated that checkpoints have been established on the primary entry points of Mecca city.

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It is to be noted that Saudi authorities had earlier announced to ‘limit’ Hajj 2020 in wake of coronavirus outbreak.

Saudi government has effectively limited Hajj 2020 to Saudi citizens and foreign expatriates currently residing in the country.