UAE initiates a nation-wide disinfection campaign

Abu Dhabi: UAE officials have announced that a nation-wide disinfection drive has been launched to ensure public safety and curb the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement issued on social media, UAE government said, “The UAE will disinfect public facilities and transport from Thursday, 26 March 8 pm to Sunday, 29 March 6 am. Stay home during this time unless it is absolutely necessary to step out.”

Disinfection drive will oversee the disinfection of public transport and various public places from 8pm-6am, March 26 to March 29.

Citizens are advised to stay at home and abstain from going outside unless absolutely necessary, and those outside will have to provide valid reasons. Supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open during this time period.

People associated with key sectors such as energy, telecommunications, health, education, security, law enforcement, military, postal service, shipping and logistics, medicines, water, food, civil aviation and airports, will be exempted from lockdown restrictions.
Gulf region has reported a total of 2,600 confirmed coronavirus cases so far. Among the countries, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have taken the most drastic steps, including imposing partial nationwide curfews and suspending work at most public and private sector establishments.

In Qatar, the government’s crisis committee ordered the closure of all non-vital shops, and cafes and entertainment outlets, and restricted the working hours of all other shops to 6am to 7pm, grocery stores, pharmacies and courier services have been exempted from these restrictions.