UK Police to be given additional powers amidst coronavirus outbreak

London: UK government to grant special powers to police to tackle coronavirus threat.

As per the expected new legislation, police and immigration officers will be able to detain people ‘for a limited period’ and stop ‘any vehicle, train, vessel or aircraft’ if coronavirus symptoms are registered by any passenger.

Registration requirements for doctors, social workers and pharmacists will be less stringent, to allow those who have retired recently to rejoin the workforce. Likewise, care workers who have almost completed their qualifications will be allowed to register.

The terms and regulations of the Mental Health Act will be relaxed so fewer doctors are needed in clinics and can instead be sent to assist hospitals.

The emergency laws will be brought in in a bid to slow the deadly spread of coronavirus, which has now killed 11 people in the UK with 798 infected.

The legislation is in pipeline, to be approved by parliament within 14 days.