Woman dies in fire incident in Mithi

Nirvdha Maheshwari, a mother of two succumbed to injuries sustained from house fire in Mithi.

Initially Nirvdha’s husband Sunil and her in-laws had stated that Nirvdha was alone in the room when the fire brokeout due to short circuit.

However, Nirvdha’s brother Kamlesh Maheshwari on social media, has accused that Nirvdha was murdered by her husband and her in-laws.

Following Kamlesh’s accusation, Sunil and his family have retracted their earlier statement recorded to the police, and instead have claimed that the fire broke out due to a gas cylinder leakage in the room/

According to the neighbours, the nature of the fire didn’t look like that due to a short circuit, whereas various other statements suggest the incident to be a suicide.

Accusations from Nirvdha’s brother and contradiction in Sunil and his family’s statements along with suspicion expressed by neighbours have further complicated the incident to be determined as an accident or a murder.