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Stay positive is all what needed today

By: Sana Khan Nadeem To do’s in lockdown: Go easy on the government and support at least one poor family It may flare like embers drawn out of a burning flag. To many, this can be fun. To the rest of the survivals, this is a no laughing matter. A couple, next door to me, has been whining since long about the management, rather mismanagement happening at home. I was approached for the patch-up several times.

Coronavirus, something positive for our environment

By: Ufaq mujahid Baloch With worldwide economic sloping down because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is not really astonishing that emanations of a combination of gases related to energy and transport would be diminished. Levels of air pollution and warming gases over certain urban communities and districts are demonstrating huge drops as coronavirus impacts work and travel. Traffic levels in the city were

India likely to lose millions of lives amid Coronavirus

March of shame taking place on Indian roads as millions march towards their hometowns By: Dr. Umair Haroon Our neighbouring country India faces an eminent threat of losing millions of lives due to COVID-19. The country faces one of the greatest humanitarian crisis as 1.3 billion citizens are in lockdown and millions of citizens are on roads on way to their villages from metropolitan cities of the country amid

Statesmen, Royal family, celebrities and sportsmen, nobody is safe from Coronavirus

by: Sazain Shakeel The coronavirus pandemic has spread to at least 202 nations around the world. Sadly the overall loss of life from the corona outbreak has surpassed 41,250 and infecting over 837,211. Renowned celebrities, politicians, and athletes are among these 837,211 cases. High-profile events including the yearly Met Gala, The Cannes Film Festival, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the 74th Annual Tony

Civilian government and armed forces on one page, commited to fight Coronavirus

By: Syed Jazib Shamim With every passing day, the web of coronavirus pandemic has been growing deeper and deeper in the lands of Pakistan. The tally has increased to 1800 and 28 death has been reported but still, health is the second priority for the so-called educated public of Pakistan who are arguing in their bedrooms if Civil government and army are facing back of each other or they are withstanding in this

New global world order on cards, USA and West faces Karma

By: Dr. Umair Haroon As coronavirus strikes more than 200 countries of the world, the global powers have become powerless. The superpower, United States of America used to run the greater hegemonic global world order with its allies, is in a fix. USA and its allies majorly Great Britain and European countries were the leading hegemons of the world. Intervention in domestic affairs of the countries, sponsoring

Online Education in Pakistan, universities in a fix

Universities adopting online education must be commended for striving hard to revive the process of education In a time when the whole world is facing closure of businesses, trade and almost every sector, education sector is one of the most to get effected. Western countries and top universities of the world have shifted towards online system while the universities and other academic institutions of the third

Conspiracy theories against China over COVID-19, Pakistan stands firmly with China

Coronavirus is going viral day by day. More than 33,000 causalities have occurred globally and the tally of recorded confirmed cases is about to reach one million mark which is currently at around 723,000 in 200 countries. - Dr. Umair Haroon A global race is on to better understand the novel coronavirus. Scientists and virologists around the world have been racing against the clock to develop a vaccine or

Mismanaged lockdown – Chaos in waiting

by: Hunaid Lakhani In the wake of COVID-19, the whole world is facing an unprecedented crisis and fear of unknown. States and major cities of the world are in a state of lockdown in order to stop the spread of the pandemic. The first case of Coronavirus was reported in Sindh, therefore, Sindh government was rapid in taking decisions of closing down academic institutions, restaurants and most spaces of public

Psychological implications of quarantine on people.

By: Shalom Adam On November 17, 2019 the first confirmed case of covid-19 appeared in China. The Chinese government chose to keep the entire situation as silent as they could. Little did they know that one case would soon become the worldwide pandemic that would soon birth terror into the hearts of all those who would be forced into isolation to stay clear of the virus that roams the very streets they had walked