Pakistan becomes the country with the cheapest fuel price in South Asia

Federal government of Pakistan has made a tremendous decline in the prices of Petroleum products and Pakistan has become the country with the lowest fuel cost in South Asia.

PM Imran Khan said on Sunday that Pakistan now has the cheapest fuel cost comparing other countries in South Asia after the government earlier announced a reduction in oil prices.

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In another major decrease, the government had brought down the price of petrol by Rs Rs7.06 per litre, kerosene by Rs 11.88 and light diesel by Rs 9.37.

After the latest reduction, the prices of the petroleum products stood at Rs74.52, Rs35.56 and Rs38.14 per litre respectively.

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“We have further reduced petrol, light diesel oil, kerosene oil prices. Now we have the cheapest fuel cost compared to other states in South Asia,” the prime minister wrote on Twitter.

He also said India was almost exactly the double while Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal were all 50 to 75 percent more expensive than Pakistan.