Prices of 1 carat gold in Pakistan has reached sky-scraping

The expense of one carat gold in Pakistan has reached to the excess point – meanwhile dollar has become bottommost.

There is an 800 rupees’ enhancement in the prices of 1 carat gold in Pakistan. According to the declaration of Sindh Sarafa Market association – there’s exaggeration of amount – at the rates of 1 carat gold and now the new price is 1 lac nine thousand and one hundred rupees for a single carat.

For 10-gram gold at the exceeding rate of 686, reached the peak at 93536. Where as in the international market the price of gold from 12 dollars is about 1814 dollar, per ounce.

At the other end, dollar dropped to 18 rupees – in the inter bank. At the wind up of the business, in the inter-bank – dollars’ worth was 166.58 rupees. At open market, dollars’ worth was dropped from 60 paisa to 167.10 rupees.